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A Statement of Support for the Global Warming Youth Education Project

We live today on a troubled planet.  The issue of global warming has been at the forefront of news media coverage in recent months.  This is due in no small part to the release of Al Gore's award-winning documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth," which brought to light the reality of this severe environmental condition and its threat to the future of the human race, as well as other life forms on planet Earth.  

The focus of most global warming education has been to offer adults various strategies that can be applied to help reverse this climatic trend.  These suggestions center around alternative energy technologies - such as hybrid cars, compact fluorescent light bulbs, solar panels, and green architecture - in order to reduce mankind's dependency on fossil fuels, a chief component of global warming. However, the populations that will be most affected by this crisis in coming years - children and youth - are largely being left out of the mix.  Action must be taken immediately to prepare this sector for the planetary legacy of toxic waste, depleted natural resources, and unwise energy infrastructures created by, and which will be passed down from, older generations.  Dealing with such an inheritance will be no short order for today's young people.  Adapting to, and attempting to reverse, global warming will prove to be a challenge like no other for both current and future generations.

What must our youth be thinking when they consider what lies ahead? Surveys show that feelings of hopelessness, lack of control, and depression are common.  It is important for adults to acknowledge that a crucial, specific need exists for our children to be educated about global warming, as well as other health and environmental crises facing their world.  The goal of such instruction would be not only to foster an understanding of these issues and their causes, but also to teach what can and must be done in order to create a sustainable future.  It is essential that we cultivate capable leaders now in our young populations in order that they be prepared to handle and solve the emerging planetary conditions which will inevitably be faced in their adulthood.

The global warming learning program proposed by Wild Blue Planet aims to train leaders in the quest to reclaim a beautiful, healthy planet.  With proper guidance, children will be in a position to make suitable life and educational choices early on, encompassing areas such as college majors and careers that can best contribute to their environmental goals.

In signing this letter, (I/WE/my organization) ____________________________ offer(s) support and encouragement to Wild Blue Planet's Global Warming Youth Education Project, which would involve setting up a network of childhood learning programs and educational resources to help today's youth address the issue of global warming and related health and ecological topics.  Schools and home-schooling groups, religious and spiritual institutions, and community centers would be some of the viable venues in which such teaching could take place.  I/WE support, as well, the idea that such learning programs be funded by either or both government and private sources.  In addition, I/WE would be willing to participate in, and provide for young people, a variety of workshops, classes, and presentations on these global issues.  

I/WE/my organization acknowledge(s) that global warming is a planetary crisis that cannot be ignored, and furthermore, must be acted upon promptly.  It is our responsibility to educate the next generation about how the wasteful use of resources affects populations and ecosystems worldwide.  This trend must be reversed immediately.

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