through the creation of, or participation in, school/educational programs, media outreach projects, cultural ventures, artistic endeavors, and community workshops and events.

WILD BLUE PLANET is dedicated to empowering individuals toward personal responsibility in regard to the health and environmental challenges and problems we face today.  It recognizes that, if current generations of youth continue along the same destructive ecological path as previous generations, the future of the human race and countless other species will be at risk.  Therefore, this organization seeks to inspire a wave of conscious and compassionate global citizens, businesspeople, and consumers who joyfully take a proactive role in the healing and shaping of our world.

WILD BLUE PLANET's main quest is to assist young people in dealing with the toxic global mess they are inheriting, guiding them to create a vibrant, peaceful, and sustainable future for all beings.  This would be accomplished by providing resources and programs for education, experience, and community in a wide variety of both artistic and academic forms.  Information and ideas - as well as practical skills, tools, and techniques - will be presented mainly from a holistic, nature-based, non-anthropocentric point of view.  In addition, WILD BLUE PLANET aims to relay important social and ecological messages to the masses in more accessible and entertaining formats - hereby supporting and subsidizing art, music, and film endeavors - in addition to providing offerings from the broader palette of standard educational modalities.

WILD BLUE PLANET was founded by journalist/writer and educator Janet "Shicana" Lynn Allen, who has been involved with health, food safety, environmental, and animal rights issues for over fifteen years.  Passionate about providing information and encouraging awareness on these topics, Shicana has acted as a coordinator, public speaker, and media representative for half a dozen grassroots organizations and has been interviewed on numerous radio and television programs (see biography). Determined to help foster a transformation in eco-consciousness and education, she believes that a revolutionary shift in today's destructive scientific, corporate, sociological, agricultural, political, and business practices will only come from a change of heart: a true emotional, empathic, and experiential shift of perception.

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