The Earth Library Environmental Learning Center

Wild Blue Planet's goal is to design, build, and operate an Earth Library Environmental Learning Center in the vicinity of every major city in the United States.  In addition to a substantial library, each Center would house a Museum, Classroom, Conference Room, Screening Room, Film Production and Recording Studio, Organic Vegetarian Restaurant, Green/Sustainable Products Store, and Performing Arts complex.

Many activists have collected valuable private libraries of educational resources which would best be made available to the public.  These materials, often rare, older, or specialized, are frequently not available through standard outlets such as conventional libraries and the Internet.  Earth Library visitors will have access to, and learn to appreciate the value of, hard-to-find printed and recorded (audio-video) materials and literary memorabilia, much of which is not available via computer.  These resources will be useful for students, activists, organizers, writers, public speakers, journalists, and others who need quick and easy hands-on access to such information for projects, articles, speeches, class reports, and presentations.  Trained staff will always be on hand to assist visitors, and a Screening Room will be available for viewing various media.

These educational complexes will also be a source of connection and community for like-minded people. Each will act as a social venue, art and performance space, meeting facility, and activist-support network for conscious individuals and organizations. Children, students, and educators will have the opportunity to interact, share, learn, and build meaningful relationships with others visiting the Earth Library, in a more intimate, face-to-face environment than the World Wide Web could ever provide.

This document is a brief, preliminary description of Wild Blue Planet's Earth Library project.  Our staff is still in the process of writing up a more detailed, comprehensive proposal that will explain the operations, activities, and structure of these educational venues and their programs and goals.  In conclusion, the purpose of the Environmental Learning Centers is to encourage humanity, especially youth, to create a sustainable future for all of earth's inhabitants.
Please notify our director, Shicana Lynn Allen, by email at, or by telephone at (818) 407-0001, if you are aware of any person, funder, or facility that would like to help us fulfill our goals through a donation of land, monies, or other contributions.

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