Shicana Lynn Allen has been a writer, public speaker, and coordinator on important global and consumer issues for almost 20 years.  Dedicated to providing information and encouraging awareness on a wide variety of issues (environment, food safety and agriculture, alternative medicine, and the healing arts), Shicana has coordinated campaigns for many grassroots organizations, as well as appearing as a media spokesperson on numerous radio and television programs.  She is committed to fostering a transformation in public awareness on health and ecological issues, as well as striving to empower individuals toward greater personal responsibility in addressing the global problems we face today.

A native of Los Angeles, Shicana attended the universities of UCLA and Cal State Northridge, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Communications.  Afterwards, she produced and hosted her own cable-TV interview show, "Blue Lightning," produced segments for the Emmy Award-winning Valley Magazine television series and KTLA's (Channel 5) "Mid-Morning L.A.," and worked for production companies such as Norman Lear's Embassy Entertainment, Grant Tinker's Telso Entertainment, Steve Allen and Jane Meadows' Meadowlane Entertainment, Dolly Parton's Sanddollar Productions, as well as the television sitcom Cheers.

As a journalist, Shicana wrote a health and food safety column for the California Sun newspaper and has had numerous feature articles printed in publications such as the L.A. Free Press newspaper and Whole Life Times magazine.  As an educational writer and researcher, she has compiled materials for prestigious clients such as McGraw-Hill Publishing, Words and Numbers, FutureKids, and Encyclopedia Britannica.  Shicana has interviewed a wide variety of notable figures, including Erin Brokovich, actor Ed Begley, Jr., Senator Tom Hayden, presidential candidates Dennis Kucinich and Tom Hagelin, anti-nuclear activist Dr. Helen Caldicott, Attorney Daniel Sheehan, Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, and authors David Steinman, Gary Null and David Icke.  

Shicana's life was permanently changed when another producer convinced her to read the book "Diet For a New America," further awakening her passions in the areas of health & environment and moving her in a whole new direction.  Beginning her activist career as an organizer and media spokesperson for the Coalition to Stop Food Irradiation, she went on to co-found the Los Angeles chapter of EarthSave.  Shicana continued to work as a grassroots coordinator for various other non-profit organizations throughout the 1990's until the present, including Jeremy Rifkin's Pure Food Campaign and Beyond Beef, sitting on the Board of Directors of Howard Lyman's Voice for a Viable Future, and currently working with the Organic Consumers Association.

Shicana has spoken on or represented health and food safety issues at numerous conferences and conventions, both globally and domestically, including a United Nations-sponsored conference in Geneva, the Earth Summit and International Green Party conferences in Brazil, the annual Cancer Control Convention, the Whole Life Expo and Eco-Expo, the National Health Federation Convention, the American Vegan Society conference, and the North American Vegetarian Association's Summerfest.  She has been interviewed on a wide variety of radio and cable TV shows, including being a regular guest on Roy Tuckman's popular radio show on Pacifica's KPFK outlet.  In addition to appearing on ABC's Home Show and in a documentary produced by Global Science Productions, "Cloning Human Beings: The New Great Debate," Shicana acted as a senior producer on the documentary "Brave New World of Food," which explored the widespread health, environmental, and socio-economic dangers of genetically engineered foods and crops.  She is currently working on a book, "Speaking out in the Spotlight," a series of candid interviews with famous activists.  Shicana is also an accomplished performance artist who has written and presented imaginative songs and theater pieces on a variety of conscious, progressive themes.

Currently, Shicana Lynn Allen acts as founder and director of her own non-profit organization, Wild Blue Planet (a member project of the Malibu-based International Humanities Center), created in response to the needs of a generation of children who will be inheriting the stewardship of an environmentally devastated world.  With no shortage of challenges and crises that could threaten the very future of life on earth, the main goal of Wild Blue Planet is to teach young people/students, activists, educators, and others how to create a functional, sustainable future.  In addition to traditional methods of educational outreach, the organization also aims to utilize the mediums of art, music, and film in order to present powerful global messages.  In this and her other endeavors, Shicana's ultimate intention is to inspire, support, and empower all human beings to rise to the occasion of preserving and protecting our beautiful planet Earth.


Ms. Allen is available for speaking engagements, school presentations, and written articles.  For more information or to offer financial support, please call (818) 407-0001 or email:

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